Here I am, sitting behind the geraniums.


In Dutch there’s the expression ‘to sit behind the geraniums’ which is a way of describing someone who is ‘inactive’ or ‘old’. So here I am, caught in the act by my husband yesterday morning, sitting behind the geraniums…working on my Master Plan.

(I was actually redesigning a quiz format, if you want to know what I was writing.)

You see, I’ve been working for 3 years on Something Very Big.
Nothing like it exists in the world.

I spent 1 year doing research and writing it.
I spent 1 year designing it.
This year we are building it (and OMG it looks so amazing!).
And next year…it’s yours.

I have spent ALL my extra time (in between my 6-hour coaching days) creating something that will truly change how people communicate.
With each other, but also with themselves.
It’s a Confidence Catapult. (*grabbing notebook again to write that down because I just thought of it and maybe I need to add that to the trademark list*)

So, the next time you see someone sitting behind the geraniums, don’t think they are ‘old’ or ‘inactive’. I’m turning 54 next month, and darling, I’m just getting started. #comingzoen


This might be a good time to tell you that my webshop is closed from August 1- September 1. If you want to laugh and learn on vacation, this is your chance! 

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