How can I help you?

How are you doing?
How are you coping with this crazy rollercoaster that we’ve all been strapped into?

And how can I help?

So many people have been forced way, way out of their comfort zone. They are now communicating online, with overwhelmed and often unfamiliar systems, and working from home. While their kids are also at home, trying to hold on to some semblance of structure.

It’s not easy.
It’s not fun.
It’s not always effective.

My first (and last, and every reaction in between) is ‘How can I help?’

What are you struggling with when it comes to communication in these challenging times?
Can I do something to make that easier for you?
Do you need support in getting your thoughts more organised?
Can I help check your emails before you send them?
Do you need a pep talk before your next online meeting or presentation?
I’m here to help!

I’ve been  teaching people all over the world in my Live Lockdown  Lessons, which I offer for free every Monday-Friday at 16.30 on Instagram and Facebook. Last Friday people joined in from Turkey, Paris, Iran, Seattle, Germany, and Veghel! I love it so much and
I’ve put them all on a Lockdown Lesson playlist on my YouTube channel and you can watch them right here! We are doing lesson #11 on Monday!

I have learned through all of this that there is beauty in crisis. A few days ago when things got too intense for me I sat down for 5 minutes and wrote a poem. Literally, In 5 minutes ‘The Strangest Spring’ was born. I felt so much better afterwards. I shared it online and you can see it here. I got hundreds of reactions and it brought me such joy to see that my words gave so many people a moment of comfort. Then Tim Knol contacted me and asked if he could make a song for ‘The Strangest Spring’. I jumped for joy and you can hear the result on Radio 1 right here. I love that the DJs were also touched by the song. We are so proud and delighted that this surprise collaboration emerged from frustration, fear and sadness. I hope you enjoy it too.

With love,

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