How NOT to end your next email. And why.

How are you, my dear, and how is your summer going?
I’m having a wonderful time!
I’ve been setting into my new home, spending quality time with friends and family, and adapting to my new haircut!

Although I’ve taken some time off, I’m still in contact with (potential) clients. I love connecting to people and finding out how I can serve them best as an English coach!
I saw a well-crafted mail recently that I knew took a lot of time to write. It was full of advanced vocabulary and grammar, and it was an absolute pleasure to read.Until I got to the last line.
It ended with ‘I look forward to see you!’

Ouch! You can do better! I explained the situation to my client and she was shocked. She had been ending her (business) emails this way for over 15 years, and no one ever told her that it was wrong!

I’ve seen this happen so often I had to write about it!
I even did an Instagram Live Lesson about it to spread the word.

The correct way to say this is:
‘I look forward to SEEING you.’

Let me explain why – the theory here is important so that you can UNDERSTAND why it’s wrong. That way you won’t make the same mistake again! YEAH!

‘Seeing’ here is a prepositional object. That means it’s the object of the ‘to’ in ‘looking forward to’. There are lots of other examples of prepositional objects out there, and some might be familiar to you already. Here are a few, and notice the words in bold.

I’m interested in learning Japanese.
She’s frightened of going out alone.
He’s curious about hearing the news.
They are excited about going on vacation.
I am fascinated by watching the stars at night.

All of these verbs have a preposition (info,about, by, etc) and then they are followed by the verb in the ‘ing’ form.

Do these sentences sound right to you?
I’m interested in learn French.
They are excited about go on vacation.

Not really, right?
And that, my dear, is exactly why ‘I’m looking forward to see you’ is wrong.

I hope this helps you the next time you want to end your emails!

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Thank you so much!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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