How to make numbers sexy (and create a message with impact!)

Well hello there, lovely you!
Have you kissed the mirror lately?
You should!

So…guess what?

I love what I do and I am so grateful to be the English coach to some pretty special people.
For the past decade I’ve been working as a volunteer for TEDxAmsterdamWomen, helping global thought leaders and pioneers share and shape their story.

In my coaching sessions last week, I shared some insights with a few speakers that might also help you the next time you have to pitch, present, or sell.

It has to do with how you talk about numbers.

Numbers are boring, right?
They are just….well….numbers.

They are.
Until they are not.

A number is something we can see.
I think of numbers as the tip of the iceberg.
They are obvious.
But what is really intriguing and special is how they got born.
What created that number?
What is under the surface?
What decisions, actions, or steps were taken to create that number?
That is something we cannot see.
And that is how you make numbers come alive in your talks.

Every number has a soul.
Every number has a story to tell.

By sharing that story you are bringing us closer to that number and making it come alive.
We’re not bored by the obvious- we are interested and intrigued as we are pulled in to the creation of that number.

And that, my darling, is how numbers go from stagnant to sexy.

Hope that helps!
And…do you have a favorite number?
Mine is 8.
What’s yours?

X Buffi

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