How’s your Thursday going?

How’s your Thursday going? I hope this finds you well, and you know I wouldn’t interrupt your week unless it was pretty special.
And…it is!

Tomorrow night is the debut of the TV show I’ve been working on since the spring – The Talent Project! It’s on RTL4 at 20.30 for the next 7 weeks. They filmed my lessons for over 50 hours, so it’s hard to say what will actually be broadcast, but I did laugh, cry, teach, learn, sing, and hug…. a LOT. You can see the teaser here. This show is all about talent development, and giving people the tools (and the TIME!) they need to really gain confidence on and offstage. I’m proud to have played a part in it, and honored to see how many life lessons these talents learned – something that will benefit them long after the cameras have gone. It’s pretty incredible to see what 100 days of coaching can do!

One more thing – if you’re thinking of coming to my Rock Your Business English Weekend, now just might be your last chance. There are just 2 weekend tickets left, and 2 tickets left for Sunday only. This is my only public masterclass until March or April next year, so grab your spot and come and learn with me!

Oh, and one more thing. I spent a day and a half learning, laughing, and loving with the Dalai Lama a few days ago. I left that room a different person. I share some of the lessons that touched my heart here – have a look for some enlightenment to go!

And I just wanted to thank you. Whether you watch the show, come to my masterclasses, read my books or follow me on social media, thank you, as always, for reading my newsletters. The relationship I have with my readers is a very special one and one I cherish. So many of you write me back and I have the best pen pals in the world!
A big shoutout to you, you ROCK!

With love,
Buffi X

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