Buffi Duberman Happy

I want you to lose the weight this year.



But I’m not talking about kilos or pounds. 

Your body is a wonderland and is absolutely gorgeous as it is. 

What a wonderful soul shell you have! (Go kiss the mirror after reading this.)

The weight I want you to lose is the weight of shame.

The weight of comparison.

Of always carrying around that burden of expectation. 

Of doubt.

Of fear.

That shit is heavy.

So let’s drop it.

If you have doubts about yourself, that really gets in the way of how you talk to the world.

It’s exhausting to wonder if you’re saying it right. To think of the ‘best’ way to say it all the time. To wonder if you used the right grammar form, said that challenging word correctly, or used the right degree of formality.

Doubt closes doors. 

Doubt keeps you small.

Let’s focus on action and truly taking steps to grow….and glow.

I designed Communication Nation to help you drop the shame game. 

To truly learn in a fun, challenging, and innovative way. 

Over 100 lessons – from designing a presentation with impact, networking like a native, framing bad news, tongue twisters, dealing with nerves, basic and advanced grammar, tripling your vocabulary, and so much more – they all have the same approach. 

You learn (in my gorgeously filmed video lessons!), you apply (via interactive workbooks and quizzes), you get feedback (from me and my team), you adapt, and you learn more. And more.

This is how we focus on action. Not comparison. Not shame. Not doubt.

If you stay in your lane, and just concentrate on YOU and your growth, you’ll realize how heavy that burden was that you’ve been carrying around for so long. 

It’s time to feel lighter and brighter this year.
Click on my picture to see my approach in action! 

See you on the inside! 

Buffi ‘the Shame Stopper’ Duberman

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