I hope you had (or are having!) a lovely summer.
My vacation was incredible, for many reasons.

1. I watched 4 movies on the plane.
2. I had a deep spiritual awakening on Bali which was enhanced by silence, mindfulness, mediation and journaling.
3. I volunteered as a college teacher. 
4. I had to evacuate during an earthquake. We had 3 in 12 days. I have been living in gratitude for the past few years but now it’s become Grateful Buffi 4.0. (But if we ever go out for dinner and you accidentally kick the table and the water glass shakes, I’m running out of the restaurant. Just so you know.)
5. I supported (and will continue doing so) this orphanage which was destroyed during the earthquakes. 
6. I designed 3 new online courses and started my 5th book.
7. I saw the sun rise on a tiny boat in the middle of nowhere and then watched dolphins play and realised how the best thing about my life (besides the people in it) is my freedom.
8. I got into hot water. Which normally is a bad thing. Not that day.
9. I had a surprise birthday dinner with friends.
10. I watched 4 movies on the plane coming back.

And now I’m back.
And feeling better than ever!
I’ve started coaching Linda de Mol on a new project,  working on The Talent Project– starting September 21 on RTL 4, and doing Deep Dives with corporate clients on creating new communication strategies in English. I also went to Lowlands and am so proud to be the only person in the world to have given an English lesson there! What a wonderful memory – it’s always so special for me to be there!

And….I’m totally excited for my Rock Your Business English weekend on 29/30 September! It’s the coolest way to get down and dirty in developing new communication strategies in English! Remember, if you ever doubt or hesitate about your English with clients or contacts, people will interpret that as you having doubts about your products or services. Not the case. If you are ready to recreate your business speaking and writing style, to make a real connection with your audience and to speak and write with impact and confidence, do join me for my last masterclass of the year! There are less than 10 tickets left – it’s 300E for the weekend, with lunch, drinks, snacks and materials included.  Grab yours before we sell out! 

I can’t wait to work with you!

Next week is my Birthday Week and I’ve got some birthday gifts I’ll be giving away – so make sure you check back on Monday again!

With love,
Gratitude Buffi 4.0