Inspiration galore, plus 10 words you’re getting wrong in English!

Let’s start with the ‘inspiration’ part. I am still enjoying the afterglow of a fantastic week chock full of fantastic clients, projects, and challenges. Now my bucket list is one artist shorter. I got the chance to work with OG3NE in the studio, helping them with their pronunciation on their new (amazing!) single, and was moved to tears to witness firsthand how their incredible harmonies are created. It was so special to be right there and watch the song get born, and play a small role in its creation. Gosh, I love my job!

I also coached Dr Joyce Carols,who through positive thinking and sheer passion, made a complete recovery from paralysis and went on to play hockey at an international level. She’s now a life coach and motivational speaker and has touched so many with her story, wisdom, and humour. She was my teacher this week!

And I spent the weekend in Belgium, coaching Luka, who won The Voice of Vlaanderen. She’s so young and so passionate, her dedication to her craft at such a young age is so inspiring! A true Wonder Woman!

I also had a great day with my buddy Tim Knol, who I write songs, eat, drink, and laugh with. Do catch him on tour if you can. He’s an old soul and a dear friend.

If you’d like on or offline personal coaching, do let me know!  Just hit ‘reply’ and we’ll make it happen! Why wait? Better English is just one click away!

Ok, enough about me. Let’s talk about you. I’ve seen so many mistakes popping up in emails that I wanted to address them right here, right now. These are the 10 that get confused the most – print this out and hang it up in your office, so that your colleague (oh, no – not YOU, YOUR COLLEAGUE!) can learn how to stop making these silly mistakes!

1. TOO = also (OMG! I love chocolate too!) or used for comparison (That car is too expensive. I don’t think you should buy it.)

2. TO = direction (I’m going to school now) or used with a verb (I want to improve my English, that’s why I signed up for these damn newsletters in the first place)

3. TWO = when you have 5 pieces of chocolate and I eat 3 of them. This is what is left. This, and a sad face. (Yours. Not mine.)

4. ITS = possession. (The company changed its hiring policy.)

5. IT’S = it is (It’s raining outside!) or ‘it has’ (It’s been raining all day, I guess we should cancel our naked frisbee competition this afternoon.)

6. LOOSE = not tight (His pants were too loose, so they fell down and everyone laughed.)

7. LOSE = to not have something (He wanted to lose weight because he wanted his pants to fall down in public.)

8. DESERT = a big place full of….sand (Notice that they both have one S.)

9. DESSERT = Something Sweet (See what I did there?)

10. BUFFY = that’s not my name. It’s Buffi. But I still love you anyway! (I was named after BUFFY, actually, which is pretty cool indeed.)

Ok, that’s all for now.

Go out there and do what you love, with love, for people you love. May your week be full of great ideas, inspiration, passion, and super-duper English vocabulary!

XX Buffi

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