How To Insult You (And Me) In One Sentence.

It happened again last week.
And again the week before that. And if you think about it, it happens all the time. Let’s stop doing this right now.


Oh, wait. Forgot to tell you what it is.

Here we go:

Last week I saw a friend who was wearing a gorgeous dress. I loved the color, the fabric, and the fit on her. I told her this. I told her how good she looked in that dress. What a hottie my friend is!

And she looked at me, embarrassed, and said ‘Oh, I hate this dress. I’m only wearing it because nothing else was clean.’

Damn, girl! (And not in a good way.)
Not only did she put herself down, she put me down too.

By saying, basically, that my opinion had no value. That my vision of her was wrong or somehow skewed. That her denigration of herself was also a way of telling me that my opinion had no value.

Guess what, Buffi?
Your words shape your world.

If you put yourself down, you don’t have to wait for someone else to insult you. You’re already your own worst enemy.

Why do (mostly) women have such a hard time accepting a compliment? How often have we heard ‘Oh, it was on sale.’ ‘Oh, this old thing? I’ve had it for years’, etc.

Let’s stop doing this.
I stopped years ago.

When someone compliments me I get really happy and excited that they took the time to 1: notice something nice about me and 2: share that information with me to my face.
It’s a gift! Why would you deny someone the pleasure of giving you that? Unless, of course, you think you’re crap.

I don’t think I’m crap.
I don’t think you’re crap either.

So get out there, sparkle and shine, and be prepared to acknowledge your awesomeness when someone else does.

If we all did that from this day on, wouldn’t the world be a happier place?
Let’s try it.

You look lovely today.
Aren’t you glad I noticed?

With love,
Buffi x

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