It all seems like yesterday……

How things have changed….
I cannot believe that just a few days ago….
I was having lunch in a café with a friend.
I was hugging people.
I was coaching clients in person.
All of that seems like ages ago.
What I wouldn’t give to hug again or have lunch with a friend in a café.
It’s all a (very vivid!) memory now.
I’m sure you have felt just as frustrated, sad, angry, scared, and confused as I have felt.
And still feel.I wanted to see what I could do to help.That’s when Live Lockdown Lessons were born.Every Monday through Friday, at 16.30 Dutch time, I’m live on Instagram  and Facebook with a free English lesson and a moment to connect with people.This is how I can share my compassion, expertise and humor with the world. I really miss teaching (90% of my work is now on hold) and this is my way of staying sharp during this challenging time.  I am sharing them with you here so that you can watch them too, even if you’re not on Instagram or Facebook! I’ve put them all on a Lockdown Lesson playlist on my YouTube channel and you can watch them right here!Lesson 1 was on the alphabet and articles in English.
Lesson 2 was part 1 of English pronunciation tips and tricks.
Lesson 3 was a continuation of that, plus difficult words in English to pronounce.
Lesson 4 was about formal and informal English.
Lesson 5 was on modal verbs and we played a vocabulary game from my Talk Nerdy to Me card set.People have been learning with me from Iran, Iraq, Paris, Bali, Berlin and Seattle, among other places.  It’s been wonderful connecting with people all over the world and answering their questions every day.And getting messages like this, from someone in Paris.

This warms my heart so much. Tears every day from people kind enough to learn with me and ask questions and share their experiences.  It’s keeping me sane and balanced, knowing that I can make someone smile and learn for just half an hour every day. I’ve made a promise to myself (and all the viewers) that I will do this every single day (Monday-Friday) until we don’t have to stay indoors anymore. Do join me if you can – every day at 16.30 Dutch time!

Now…a request from your favorite English coach!

I am shifting all my coaching sessions to online, and they are very effective and fun to do! I use Zoom and all the lessons are recorded confidentially and sent to the clients afterwards, so you can watch it again or listen to it as a podcast!

Frits Sissing said after his last session “These online lessons with you have really given me the confidence in English that I needed. You’re such a great teacher. Thank you so much, it makes such a difference!”

Just 2 sessions can help you get back on track! If you would like to find out more about online coaching, click here. I also have a fantastic online Business English course you can use to write and speak like a pro, on your own or with online coaching!

I send you so much love and light during these trying times. If I can help you do reach out!

Sending you a virtual hug! Remember, we are all in this together!

With love.
(And stay inside. All the time. Really.)
XX Buffi

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