It’s my birthday week – this means free books, courses, and HUGS! #Hello50

I hope your week is off to a fabulous start!
Mine sure is!
I turn 50 tomorrow!
Wait, what?!?

I cannot believe it. 50. This number sounded so old when I was younger but now this magic number has beautifully arrived and I still feel 27 on the inside! I love getting older and don’t know why people complain about it. The alternative to getting older is…..not. I am so happy that I get a new day every day! Age should be celebrated, and I love mine!

And I’d like to share some of that Buffilove with you!
I’d like to celebrate by giving you some awesome gifts for a week- these are all valid until midnight on September 3, and they are active right NOW!

1. If you’d like to follow my Business English Communication Course, which takes you through 8 Business English masterclasses, with humor and style (and worksheets!), now is your chance, and you have lifetime access to continue your learning journey. It’s your private English coach (yours truly) on the go! I’ve got a special 50% discount for you- just click here!
2. Everyone who buys a ticket to my Rock Your Business English Weekend this week gets a free copy of my ‘Work It!’ ebook – so you can take me with you everywhere you go and learn English on the run! We have just a few tickets left, so grab your spot before we sell out!
3. If you book a VIP Deep Dive this week (all my clients are ViP, because I only see one client a day and get down and dirty on their needs, goals and challenges in English) you will get 2 free copies of my book ‘100 Ways To Save Your Ass In English’ as part of your session! This way you can give someone else a present while you are taking your English to the next level!
4. I’ve got free shipping (in the Netherlands only!) on my books if they are ordered via my site. Free shipping is automatic for ‘100 Ways To Save Your Ass In English’, and for ‘Rock Your English!’, please use the coupon code HAPPY BDAY50 upon checkout. Do you know someone who has a birthday coming up? These make great gifts!
5. I’ll be giving out FREE HUGS at Amsterdam Central Station (yes, me standing alone, with a FREE HUGS sign!) on my actual birthday, Tuesday, August 28th, from 17.00-18.00.
Come on out and grab your hug! (I’ll be wearing a crown with ’50’ on it!)

I am so fortunate to receive many gifts, both big and small, visible and invisible, felt and forgotten, every single day. Having a wonderful connection with my readers and followers is one of the gifts I cherish in my life. Thank you for reading and commenting, for writing me back, for connecting with me in all kinds of ways. It makes my heart smile.

Sending you enough Buffilove to last another 50 years!
XOXO buffi

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