It’s not your fault


It’s not your fault.
Not your fault that you might not have loved English at school.

Maybe your teacher didn’t love their life.
Maybe your teacher didn’t love their work.
Maybe you were forced to learn in one way.
With one approach.
One method.
Because that is how it was done at your school.

Maybe you didn’t get grammar because it wasn’t visualized.
Maybe you tried to give a presentation and your classmates laughed at you.
Maybe your teacher even laughed at you and told you that English ‘just wasn’t your thing’ and that you should focus on something else.

I know how hard that feels.
I know the burden you’ve been carrying around for far too long.

Now you’re an adult.
You’re smart.
And you know what?
You always have been.
Even when you feel so stupid and small when it comes to English.

But remember – just because you didn’t fit into their puzzle does NOT mean that there is anything wrong with you. It just means that it wasn’t a good fit. But if you only have 1 puzzle that you can learn with, it feels like a total failure.

I’d love to show you the JOY of English.
How to have fun with it. How to celebrate true communication.
How to learn in your own way.
With colors. With animation.
With timelines. With jokes.
With vulnerability. With honesty.
With podcasts. With quizzes.
With books. With music.

Learn your way.
Because your way is the BEST way.
Because it’s YOUR way.

I’m doing a free Communication Confidence webinar on May 9. It’s my way of sharing the fun of English with the world. I will show you 10 different insights on how to love the joy of learning and adding real value to your life. There is NO wrong way to learn with me.

I have 3 webinar times on May 9 – choose the time that works for you. See you there, and I cannot wait to have fun with you in English! It will not be recorded and there is no replay, so join me live and see the magic!


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