I’ve got some exciting news I’d like to share with you!

As you may or may not know, I only see 1 person a day as a personal English coach. It’s busy and there’s a waiting list (but the sessions are so worth waiting for).

If you’d like to work on your English and personal coaching doesn’t fit your schedule or your budget, I have the solution!
It’s coming to one of my fresh and fabulous Rock Your English events!

(This is what the last one looked like.)

And…I just announced my Rock Your English events for 2019 on my website, and there are some cool new additions I’m excited to share with you!

I’ve got a fantastic (and fun!) English Confidence Boo(s)tcamp on March 14 and 15. The subtitle is ‘Let’s get the ‘ENG’ out of ‘English’. (If you speak Dutch this is kind of funny. If you don’t speak Dutch, this is kind of lame.) In this program, we will work on building a strong foundation in English – working on the basic grammar structures, pronunciation, basic writing skills and so much more! Every participant gets a workbook and a copy of the slides so that you can continue to study at home. You can grab your spot here and take the first step to feeling confident in English!

If you are already pretty confident in English, let me get you out of your comfort zone with some advanced training on April 11 and 12th at my Taking Care Of Business masterclass. Here  (scroll down on the Event page) we will tackle advanced grammar structures, the subtleties and nuances of formal and informal professional language, rock those negotiation and meeting sessions, write in different styles for different platforms, and really fine-tune your communication skills so that you feel like a badass on the work floor and beyond. Every participant leaves with a workbook and a copy of the slides, so you can continue on your own and make more magic!

Ready to pitch, present and moderate in style? As a TEDX speaker coach, and personal English coach of many talented and dedicated moderators, like Diana Matroos, Marijke Roskam and Kim Coppes, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve created a masterclass day on Pitching,Presenting and Moderating (scroll down to the bottom of the Event page).  This is a one day event to help you shape and share your story by using the right phrases and structure. You’ll also learn how to build in ‘hooks’ by using the best bait, and how to create a message with impact. We will also work on hosting and moderating events – how do you ask the right questions? What phrases do you use, both formally and informally, to strike the right tone? How do you open/close an event in a professional way? All this and more on May 9th! Grab your spot here!

Where my songwriters and singers at, yo? I’m doing another Songwriter’s Weekend on March 30 and 31! This is my way of giving back to the music industry and investing in talent development. I offer discounted private lyrics and pronunciation sessions twice a year. Grab your spot, there are only 12 to go, and this is it until the fall of 2019! (You can also book in a double session or have your session via Skype if you like.)

I know that these dates might seem far away, but they are here before you know it! Time flies when you’re having fun, which means my weeks and months always fly by!

What do people say about my Rock Your English events?

“I’ve never met a crazier professional.”
“She’s such an expert and full of energy!”
“Thanks Buffi, I can’t believe I was making all those mistakes!”
“For the first time, I actually understand grammar. Wow!”
“I never saw my colleagues pay attention for so long.”

So…what are you waiting for? 🙂

Just wanted to let you know first, as a loyal reader of my newsletter. Grab your spot and I cannot wait to work with you next year!

With love,

PS: Feel free to forward this to someone who needs to Rock Their English!

PPS: Location will be announced in the next couple of weeks but will be in or near Amsterdam.

We had such a blast at my last Rock Your English! event!
Hope to see you at the next one!

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