Join me in September for the Rock Your Business English Weekend!

I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!

It’s time to get your Business English up to par.
To raise the bar when it comes to meetings, negotiations, and presentations.
To feel like a badass the next time you walk into that meeting.
To break borders and share your ideas with the world!
And….to have a great time doing it, and network (in English) with some amazing people!

To me, learning and laughter go hand in hand. The picture above was taken after our last Rock Your Business English! day, earlier this year. See how we suffered together?

Warning: My events fly by, sell out fast, and feel more like a party than a masterclass!

I’ve got one more left this year.
Consider it a last chance dance.
Will you join me? I’d love it!

It’s a 2-day event (Sep 29 and 30, from 10.30-16.30) in Amsterdam at the Corendon Vitality Hotel.

The first day lays the foundation and fills up all the cracks in your English. It’s for people who have not followed a Masterclass with me before, or did so a while ago, and would like to freshen up the basis again.

The second day is brand new! It’s an advanced day where we will work more on the subtleties and nuances of professional English, and get you up to the next level.

You can join for 1 day.
You can join for 2 days.

I buy you a drink at the end, no matter which day you come!
Tickets are 150 euros per day, and lunch, coffee, tea and other delicacies are included.

Grab your spot here. Tell all your friends.
I can’t wait to see you in September!

With love and a ‘you rock’ high five,
X buffi (who can’t wait to buy you a drink.)

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