Jumping Without A Net

Typing this is a very grateful me.
(Oh, sorry, that was rude to start that way. How are you, sweet ? How’s this autumn Monday treating you?)

Ok. Back to me.
The attitude is gratitude, yo.

Know why?
Because at the end of every day I realize that I made the right decision.

Let me take you back. 15 years ago, I had a safe and very well-paid job at one of the most prestigious language institutes in Europe. I had interesting clients, fabulous colleagues, and fascinating lessons. But after 11 years, I felt like my soul was dying a little bit with each passing month. There was a little voice inside me that said ‘You can do more. You can create your own materials. You can work with clients for longer than a week. You can help artists write better songs. You can help DJ’s give better interviews. You can work on presentation skills for TED speakers. You. Can.’  And this voice got louder and louder.

So I listened.

I had a baby at home.
I had no job security. (Oh, and this was because what I wanted to do did not ‘exist’ yet. No one had ever heard of personal English coaching before. But it was already thriving in Buffiland, so I had to do it.)
I did not know what would happen.

So I jumped.
And worked so hard to prove my value to strangers.
Asking them to trust me with their celebrity clients.
Asking them to believe in me and give me a chance.
Asking them to take my business card.

Often they said no.
But one person said yes.
And one other person heard the difference in that artist’s next single and wanted to find out how that happened.
He found out.
And that person told their label about me.

Last Friday was gloriously full – I started by helping a singer with his pronunciation, worked on developing a new teaching method, trained a designer from Israel, helped a bestselling author prepare her TED talk, coached a film director and his leading man on their upcoming TV interviews, and went to bed in my flannel pyjamas at 9, as I had to wake up at 5 to film a pilot for my own TV show.

I’m not living the dream.
I’m living my dream.
I’m loving my dream.

Only when you jump can you see how far you can really fly.

What’s your dream?
Love it.
Live it.

Love, Buffi XX

PS: There are still tickets available for my fab new workshop for TEENS! Join me at SUNDAY’S COOL  on 13 November for the coolest English party ever – with a movie, games, worksheets, grammar and a fantastic lunch featuring a chocolate fountain. No parents allowed! 🙂

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