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Let’s end this year lighter and brighter!

Can you D.I.G. it? Yes, you can!

I had to jump into your inbox to share something very simple. Yet very powerful with you. It’s been a huge game changer for my clients, and I know it will serve you well as we leave this wonderful, crazy, hectic, gorgeous year.

It’s my very own D.I.G. Method©.

Here it is:

Make a list of all the things you’re not good at. Don’t be shy – let it rip. Make a looooong list. What do you suck at? What do you find challenging? What do you hate doing because it’s too hard? Write like no one is reading.

Wait 3 minutes. Then go back to your list and look at it with fresh eyes. This is what you have been beating yourself up about for ages. For each item you see on that list, you can do 3 things: 1. Delegate it to someone else 2. Improve it with strategies, if it will contribute to a meaningful life 3. Gracefully let it go, if it doesn’t contribute to a meaningful life.

That’s it.

Here’s my list. I was smart enough to build an amazing career around the few things that I’m excellent at and deeply passionate about. There are hundreds of things that I suck at. For example….

I cannot parallel park

I do not know how to work in Excel

I cannot read a map

I make typos and have to Google new words

etc, etc, etc. (Oh, I could go on for hours.)

This is how I applied my D.I.G. Method© to myself:

I don’t need to learn how to parallel park. Having this skill will not make my life more meaningful. Just convenient. I Gracefully let it go. I always drive to a parking garage and walk to my appointment. This means extra exercise. It’s just how I live now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have a super-smart team around me that puts my info into spreadsheets for me (I Delegated). They get to do what they are (very!) good at – organizing my life – and everybody wins.

Not being able to read a map means I get to talk to attractive strangers on the street who show me where I need to go. Sometimes they walk with me and we become friends. Once I had a police escort. This lack of map-reading skills has really made my life kind of awesome. (I Gracefully let it go.)

I don’t know how to play the piano anymore after playing for many years as a young child. I decided to Improve that, and now I’m learning how to play again!

This D.I.G. method is just 1 of the many mindset lessons you’ll find in the Mindset Mansion, my favorite place in Communication Nation. I’ve taken all of my coaching tips on communication and self-talk, and created a wonderful curriculum that you can apply to your daily life.

The way you talk to the world starts out with how you talk to yourself.

Join the waiting list today! You’ll get to explore Communication Nation first, and grab a ridiculous discount while doing so!

Talk soon,
Love, Buffi (who is always D.I.G.ging – that’s where you find the gold!)


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