Let’s flip the script!


All the hype has already started.
A new year is on the horizon, so let’s set unrealistic goals and try to change everything about ourselves.
Let’s improve it all. Why not?
Our bodies, our mindset, our finances, our relationship goals.

But how about we just celebrate who we already are?
What would it be like if you could embrace the new year with true honesty and acceptance?
That you are really just ok as you are?
That the fact that you survived 2021 is a miracle in and of itself?

So I’m flipping the script.
What about the OLD you will you celebrate and take with you into the new year?

I’ll start.
I’m going to continue to be kind. To worry too much. To procrastinate when it’s the least helpful. And I’m going to continue to write and share the real deal with you all on my socials.

And you?
Let me know!

Happy new year early.
And happy old you!


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