Letter to my 14-year old self…

I saw this picture, taken spontaneously just after my Rock Your Business English! Masterclass Day had ended last Thursday. (No filter, no hairstylist or makeup artist, just me, enjoying the afterglow in very good outdoor light :))

I so wish I could have shared this picture with my 14-year old self.
This is what I would say…..

Being 14 sucks.
You’re already too tall, too skinny, and in the hospital way too often, battling a chronic disease.
You’re too smart for school, and too weird for friends.

But guess what.
It gets better.
So much better.
Trust me.

You’re going to end up OWNING how different you are.
Weird is good. (Oh, and so is being tall.)
You’re going to take big beautiful risks and they will pay off.
You’re going to fall in love with your brain and all the things it’s going to create.
You’re going to find something you love doing so much, that you’re going to build an entire industry around it.
And do what you love in different countries.
You will have lots of people who will love you for who you are.
(Oh, and this is maybe the hardest thing to believe, but you will even have gorgeous people who want to make out with you – FOR FREE.)

You will make a difference in other people’s lives.
You will matter.
You will heal hearts, mend minds, and stir souls.
And guess what?
You’re going to love you.
And love so deeply how your life has turned out.
Welcoming new adventures, living in gratitude, spreading love, knowledge and warmth every day, and knowing how blessed you are to do it.

Look at this picture.
Baby, you sure came a long way!

(And I just had to share this with you today.)

With love,

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