Life is short. Make it deep. And give. (Free stuff inside!)

We don’t know how long we’re around on this little marble we call home. There’s no way to know how long our lives will be. Not a lot we can do about the length of our lives, but we can do something about the depth of our lives. I try to go deep.

As I approach 50, some things are becoming really clear to me.

1. I love love.
2. I love to give.
3. I love teaching.

(And I guess 4,5,6 and 7 would be about yoga, gin, sex, and music. But we’ll save that for another newsletter…)

So you know I love you, and you know I love teaching, and now it’s time to GIVE. Here. I’ve got 2 cool things for you which will make you feel better in English.

One is my Telephone Cheat Sheet. It will help you place and answer calls with confidence. It’s got lots of different ways to ask and answer questions, and hopefully it will help you navigate your way through your next phone call. You can download it by clicking on FREE STUFF here. I created this after working with someone who avoided English phone calls. No need to do that anymore! 🙂

The other freebie is my Pronunciation Masterclass. You will learn how to say the letters of the alphabet (which is so tricky because A in English is E in Dutch, and E in English is I in Dutch….need I say more?) and difficult words and sounds to help you sound more native and speak with more flair and confidence. It’s at the bottom of the screen here, or click on FREE STUFF here.

I hope you enjoy these little gifts and share them with your friends and colleagues!

Thank you for reading, sweet Buffi- if you write me back (hit ‘reply’), I promise I’ll write you back!

Wit lof, and maybe I’ll see you zoen at my Communicate Better In English Masterclass! There are only 2 tickets left…is one of them yours?

XX Buffi

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