Life’s a beach….but have you used these lately?


I hope your week is off to a great start!
Mine sure is. Because I am writing this on the beach.
Literally. I’m sitting on my balcony overlooking the beach, where I’m staying for 5 days. This is my idea of the perfect time to go to the beach. Windy, cold, empty, rainy, misty. Nobody else around but me, my thoughts, and the powerful beauty of nature, without any human distraction.
(My idea of hell is to go to a crowded beach on a sunny day, fight for a place to put my towel/chair, and get sand in the most awkward of places.)

I’m here to get some headspace and work (hard!) on my new course, which will be launched….when it’s ready. (And it will be worth the wait. It’s a game changer. You’ll see!)

But just because I’m on the beach does NOT mean that I’m not thinking of you!
That’s why I’d like to share some expressions with you, all about beach life.
How many of them do you know? Let’s find out…

SINK OR SWIM: When you can either fail or succeed.
‘He’s placing his whole salary on that horse in the race. It’s going to be sink or swim for him!’

DEAD IN THE WATER: Something that has come to an unproductive end.
‘Her idea for edible lightbulbs was dead in the water. Nobody took it seriously.’

TO MAKE WAVES: To cause turmoil or trouble in a group.
‘Please don’t bring up the lawsuit with our new clients. We don’t want to make waves in the first meeting.’

TO SWIM AGAINST THE TIDE: To act in a way that is contrary to popular opinion.
‘She always swam against the tide – I remember when she first started making her own crazy clothes at a very young age.’

TO TURN THE TIDE: To turn a situation around.
’The tides sure have turned – now I’m the boss and you have to work late tonight!’

TO BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND: To avoid or deny a problem.
‘Stop burying your head in the sand – can’t you see he needs professional help?’

TO HAVE A WHALE OF A TIME: To have a very, very good time.
‘I’m so sorry you missed her party – we had a whale of a time!’

So, my dear…. the question now is… can you write me back using them?
All of them?
(This is the part where you say ‘Challenge accepted!)

With love!
X buffi

PS: I was honoured to be featured on Management Team last week- here is an article (in Dutch) explaining why watching Netflix does NOT mean your English is good! 

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