Make It Louder!

I saw something this weekend that really made me stop and think. I usually never stop so that was a big deal, and I try to keep my thinking to a minimum. I stopped. I thought. This was a THING.

It was this.
I found a guy who put into words what I had been feeling.

Lately I seem to be surrounded by so much negativity, so much hate, so much fear. Every time I see the news or scroll through Facebook, or talk to some people in my family, the negativity and fear was really starting to get to me. It hurts.

All I can do is fight it in my own way. With love. With compassion. Making videos like this one.

I’m determined to rise up and hug. To be fearless in my ambition to show the world that people are GOOD. (Believe me, I know assholes. Too many of them. But I refuse to let them shape the landscape of my soul. In Buffiland, goodness always prevails!)

We now have 2 people who have volunteered to document #HeelHollandHugt (where we are giving out free hugs in 9 cities on Valentine’s Day). One is from Iran and one is from the Netherlands. We have huggers from Syria, Morocco, America and the Netherlands. We have a new group that was formed yesterday to give free hugs at the station in Roermond. Someone else has started a group in the Hague. A truck driver from Groningen can’t join us for a hug but is driving now with a red ribbon to show his support for our mission. 

These developments fill me with such joy. And that joy far, far outweighs my fear and sadness. (If I remember to focus on it. There are moments when I slip up and then boy do I slip down really, really fast.)

Every day brings new adventures.
I’m going to work so hard to make them good ones. For me and for you.

Hope to see you at #HeelHollandHugt! Here is the schedule.

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