Mindset matters

‘I thought I needed help with my English. I was wrong.’

This is what I heard last week at the end of the Live Presentation Day I had with my Great in 8 coaching group. I had been working with these highly motivated, talented professionals for nearly 6 weeks and it was time to put all that knowledge into action and Show What You Know in our Live Day. Although not everyone could make it live, it was truly a transformational day and I saw so many breakthroughs in my clients. Days like these are always one of the highlights of the year for me!

They presented for each other and we had 360° feedback afterwards. We had an honest discussion about what they were thinking before the day started, how the presentation went in their eyes, what REALLY happened (because what you think happened is probably not even close to what actually happened), and what their takeaways were from this dynamic day. I commend all of them for being so open and vulnerable, and for letting me in on their preparation process, and how they felt while they were standing there sharing the presentations that they had worked so hard on.

You see, when you stand up, and you take that stage, all eyes are on you.
This creates a tremendous shift in how you breathe, perceive time, and perceive yourself.

This is what I heard:

“I was kept questioning myself while I was speaking. And I think you could see that.”
“I was thinking of the feedback that others got while I was delivering my talk, and it got in the way of just focusing on my own story.”
“I used to be nervous weeks before giving a presentation, with a stomach ache and everything, but not anymore.”
“I got off track. But I got myself back on track. That’s a first!”
“I forgot to have slow, deep exhales like you showed us.” 
“I actually really enjoyed this!”
“I know now that my problems had nothing to do with English. My problems were about my mindset. I didn’t trust myself enough, was expecting to fail, and beat myself up before I even started.”

The gift of honesty and insight is one of the greatest gifts you can give me as a coach. Here are some tips I shared with my group, and I’m happy to share them with you here:

  1. If you judge yourself while you are talking, you are no longer talking to your audience. You are talking to you.
  2. Your presentation starts the moment you stand up and take that stage. Your mood and mindset will set the tone before you even say 1 word.
  3. If you get off track, be honest. Being human is an excellent connector. We have all been there.
  4. Stuck too much in your head while you are talking?  Wiggle your toes! This will reconnect you to your body and get you out of your mind which is working overtime.

I have so many more tips and tricks to share to help you feel better about who you are.

This is one of the reasons I spent so much time developing Communication Nation. It’s the only Business English program in the world which includes mindset coaching. I have so many video lessons and workbooks with meaningful exercises and reflection questions to help you create a shift in your mindset to one of confidence and clarity. Not only will you feel lighter and brighter (in any language), you will also start to be kinder to yourself and learn the true value of the present that is waiting in your next presentation.

So…have you joined the Communication Nation waiting list yet? I highly recommend doing so. This way you can get in first and get 200 euros off an annual membership. (Which means you’re paying less than 15 euros a month. Crazy but true, and only if you register in the first 48 hours of launch week!)

The way you talk to yourself shows up in how you talk to the world.
My Great in 8’ers really showed up for themselves last week, and I could not be prouder!

Have a super week!

PS: Click on the picture below to join the CN waiting list – confidence is just a click away!

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