My AAAA Approach to coaching. A few get to the secret, 5th A.


When it comes to coaching, I’ve developed a simple method that really works.

I call it the AAAA approach.
Maybe for some of you there’s an extra A.
But we’ll get to that in a moment.

The AAAA is built up like this:

A – AWARENESS. As a coach it’s my job to show you all the possibilities when it comes to your communication. This includes showing you different ways to expand your vocabulary so that you don’t have to rely on the same words over and over again.

A – ABSORPTION. After my session you need time to take it all in. I share so many tips and tricks you need to marinate to let it all sink in and become part of your new communication style. This requires a lot of thinking and analysis about how you speak and write.

A – ACTIVATION. Once you have absorbed the new information, then you start activating and applying it! Use it or lose it, right? This is learning by doing. Just reading about it is not enough! Your mouth has to put in the work.

A – ADVICE. After you have started applying and activating what you are learning, then it’s time for clear and honest feedback about how you are implementing all the new information in your own communication style. And coaching on how to continue that progress and get it to the next level.

Those are my 4 As. But for some people, they’ve told me that there is one more. A hidden A, if you will. The secret, 5th A, for some people….is this:

A- A**HOLE. Once you start coaching, you start hearing so many mistakes that others are making and you start correcting your colleagues and they start to think you’re pretty annoying! This is nasty for them, but it shows how aware you are of English and how you have internalised all the feedback! 😅😅😅

(I of course have zero control over this secret A.)

Are you ready to see the AAAA approach in action? Join me for my English Elevator program and I’ll take you on a learning journey that will change how you speak and write in English!
Have a super week!


PS: For those of you celebrating, I hope you have a wonderful Easter Monday! (I love living in a county where holidays have extra days!)

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