My holiday wish for you…..


I can’t believe it!
We have almost come to the end of this crazy, intense year.
So much has happened.
And so much has NOT happened.

What was a highlight for you?
Here are some of mine:

*Coaching Linda de Mol, Danny Vera and a few others who I cannot mention 😉
*Working for 9 months with a global CEO on her English communication strategies
*Working with a British CEO on his confidence onstage
*Walking 10 km nearly every day while listening to inspiring podcasts
*Spending a lot of time with my family
*Getting so many mails like this:

“Buffi, I had been putting it off for so long but you showed me how to do it. So I did it. I picked up that phone and just made that call in English that I was putting off for so long. And you know what? It went so well!” – Beatrijs

“I just had to tell you what a difference coaching has made – I don’t have to analyze if I’m saying it right. I now KNOW that I’m saying it right, because your grammar timelines are in my head for good. What a difference!” – Mark

One of my greatest passions as a coach is seeing people grow in confidence every week.

Are you feeling confident in English?
Do you feel that the doubt is sometimes getting in the way?
Would you like clear and honest feedback on how you communicate?
Do you get nervous when you have to do something in English?

I’d love to help you like I’ve helped so many others.

That’s why I’m launching my Communicate With Confidence Masterclass on January 14. 

If you’d like to ditch the doubt and learn with me in a 2-hour learning journey (with a pre-test before you start and a post-test to see how far you’ve come, including a workbook to extend your knowledge even further), this is your chance!

We will be working on:

*Getting back to basics and finally understanding and activating English grammar correctly
*Learning how to learn, organise and use new words
*How to triple your vocabulary
*How to make a simple mindset shift to ditch the doubt for good
*Learning and interacting with a small, supportive group who have the same learning goals

The Early Bird price ends on December 31. I have 4 spots left. Is one of them yours?

Let’s end this year with a commitment to confidence!
I’m ready if you are!

Love, Buffi

PS: Know someone who gets nervous in English? Forward them this mail – it might just be exactly what they need!

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