‘Never again.’

‘Never again.’

This is what she mailed me after her presentation.

‘I can’t speak English. I’m not good at it. And there’s no way I can do a professional presentation in English. This is what I kept repeating in my head, for so many years, and I really believed it. You showed me that it was just a story I was holding on to. In our live day I saw it myself – I really can do it, and now I’m doing it, and I actually enjoyed it! Never again will I doubt myself. I was just holding onto a story. I see that now. Why didn’t I call you sooner?!’

This is just one of the results of my Great in 8 coaching program.
Not only do we work together for 8 weeks, in a very small and supportive group, you learn how to get into action instead of holding on to your story.

Great in 8 truly transforms your communication skills, and your mindset.

It includes:
8 weeks of coaching
4 online group sessions
2 live training mornings
An Exclusive network lunch
6 months access to Communication Nation
daily support and personal feedback for the duration of the program

Whether you (finally!) want to work on developing a new course, blog, website, or want clear and honest feedback on your own pronunciation, or if you’ve ever dreamed of giving a TED talk, this is the place to be.

We start on April 5th, and I have 1 spot left. Is it yours?

Click here to set up your free intake call – I can’t wait to meet you!



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