Never forget to….remember to do this!

English is fun.
English is crazy.
English is weird.

Sometimes, if you change one word, you change everything.
For example, yesterday my inbox shared this with me – ‘I’m really interesting in English. Can you help me?’

I am sure that person was interesting.
She’s probably a very interesting person.
But was she interesting…in English?
I wouldn’t know, as I have never met her or experienced her in English.
I bet she was INTERESTED IN learning English, though, and that’s why she was mailing me.

Ok. So a person can be interesting, and they can be interested in learning or doing something.
So far, so good. Check.

But how about this one?
‘Remember doing something’ vs ‘remember to do something’.
Big difference!

If you ‘remember doing’ something, this means that you have already done it. For example ‘I remember doing the dishes yesterday, because I broke a glass and cut my hand.’ (True story. I’m so clumsy!)

However, if you ‘remember to do’ something, this means the opposite – that you HAVEN’T done it yet. For example, ‘I have to remember to do the dishes before my guests arrive!’

If you change the structure of the verb, you often change the meaning in a big way.

I hope this helps you to stay interested in learning English, which is such an interesting language. And please, always remember to do your best- if you remember reading this message, your English will stay fabulous!

Have a great day!
Love, Buffi

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