Now, More Than Ever.

First off, I just want to thank you for the overwhelming response I got to last week’s newsletter. Wow. I think I got more reactions from that than from any newsletter I’ve ever written. Thank you all for reaching out. It means so much to me.

It became clear that I’m not the only one who needs a hug. So many people do, and you told me that very clearly on all my social media channels and by mailing me directly. And I think that number is growing by the day (or by the hour, if you’re watching the news!). I asked in the last newsletter what the name for this ‘free hugs day’ idea should be, and Karen K wrote back and suggested Heel Holland Hugt. Done. (Thanks, Karen! You rock! X)

I was going to do one city.
Maybe two.

Now we have a core group of 10 volunteers (from 4 different countries) who are coming with me to 8 cities on the Love Train from Tilburg to Haarlem (and back!). Another group is doing the Hague. Others are looking into Arnhem and Groningen. Someone else might do Limburg.

Heel Holland Hugt is a thing, my dear!

And hugging seems to be very hot these days.
We have the Awkward Political Hug.
We have the Hot Man Hug Teacher.
A kind truck driver made me cry with this message.
And I even got a message from the Hug Doctor who wants to join our mission.

This idea of Heel Holland Hugt is keeping me sane. It shows me that there’s so many people out there who reject hate. Who have compassion and kindness for others. Who do not make decions based on fear.

Please join our FB group, use the Twitter hashtag, tag us on Instagram, or write me back. All the support is welcome!

I’d love to give you a hug in a couple of weeks. The best way to give one is to get one! Love shared is love doubled. So let’s spread the love, one hug at a time.

With love,
X buffi

PS: I was coaching for The Voice Of Holland last week. On Friday night, 2.2 million people saw Guus Meeuwis play with my balls. You can watch it here. #neveradullmoment

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