Hello, sweetie. This newsletter is a bit unusual, because my week has been…unusual…to say the least. Last Monday, during a sunny afternoon, I was followed, attacked and held up at knifepoint. That kind of put everything into perspective. It taught me 10 things. You can read about them here if you want to. (Warning: I use a lot of bad words.)

I’m not mailing this for sympathy or to have you feel bad for me. I’m not OK yet, but I know I will be when the time is right. I know in my newsletters that I have a real connection my readers, and I am too transparent to pretend that it was just a normal week. So I had to share my thoughts with you. Thank you for that opportunity. And now on to other things…

Although my voice is still a bit shaky (I lost it screaming), I am really excited to work with you in my free Webinar tomorrow at 9 pm! I have been working so hard for so long on the slides and the lesson that nothing is going to stop me! Nothing! If you can’t make the Webinar, feel free to sign up anyway because we will send you the link the next day and you can hear it then. I’m going to give you concrete tools, tips and tricks on how to go from functional to professional when it comes to English communication. It’s interactive, so you’ll be doing assignments during the Webinar – don’t expect me to do all the hard work! If you haven’t registered – sign up here, at the top of www.businessenglishcommunication.com. Can’t wait to work with you!

I’m really honored that Nancy Poleon, the founder of Branded Personalities, chose to work with me – that woman could work with anyone; her network is enormous! She is a powerhouse full of bright ideas when it comes to branding, marketing and female entrepreneurship. She’s also the founder of BrandedU and her new seminar series starts on March 16th. If you want to see what Personal Branding can do for you (and your career!), this is a must –see! I was proud to be one of the speakers last year and I was so impressed by the caliber of the speakers, the subjects, and the passion everyone shared. Check it out!

To be painfully honest, the only question everyone has been asking me is ‘Are you OK?’ I can only answer that by saying ‘sometimes’. That’s all I can do…for now.

Thank you dear for reading, and hopefully more English news next week! Stay safe, and stay sharp.

Wit lof from your favorite English coach (and mine),

Buffi x