Now that you’ve asked someone out…

Hello, sweetie! Last week I sent you a free PDF about how to deal with invitations in English. (If you missed it, click here!)

I got so many lovely responses (thank you all for that!) that I’d like to take it a step further today and let you know how to use those pesky prepositions when it comes to making an appointment in English. This is to prevent you from ever getting stood up because your date had the wrong date! I’m going to keep it really simple. Let’s go!

IN = used for longer periods of time. For example, IN March (and yes, months of the year are capitalized in English), IN the summer, IN 2015, IN the future, IN the morning, evening, afternoon, etc.

ON= used for a day or a date. Think of ON Tuesday (and yes, days of the week are capitalized in English), ON March 1st, ON my birthday, ON Christmas Day, etc.

AT = used for a specific moment or period of time. For example, AT 5:30, AT midnight, and AT night (that’s a tricky one), AT Christmas (when you mean the period/season but not the actual day itself), AT the moment, etc.

So, to keep it short and sweet – when you think of
IN = think of a whole calendar (in January)
ON = think of a date on that calendar (on January 12th)
AT – think of a clock or a watch (at 7.15). Oh, and you know the difference between AM and PM, right? AM  – that starts at midnight (an easy way to remember this is ‘after midnight’) and PM starts at noon (remember this by thinking ‘pre-midnight’).

Now that you know how to set up the invitations we started last week, there’s no need to ever get confused about asking that hottie out again! (Or, you know making a boring old business appointment. That’s also important. Sometimes.)

Go wash your mind. I am doing GRAMMAR with animals.

I was talking turkey on Hallo Nederland – click here in case you missed it. (Now my mother’s apron has her own trailer, and there’s paparazzi helicopters hovering over my kitchen all the time – it’s ridiculous!)

because someone’s just asked me out so clearly by using prepositions so well! Hate to love you and leave you but I promise I’ll be back next week again with more tips and tricks to keep your inbox out of trouble. Until then, here are some pick up lines. Go for it.

Wit lof from buffi x

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