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OOO, baby! How to write a great Out Of Office mail.

It’s that time of year again, when I receive out of office mails on the daily, and many of them are a perfect 10. This means that all 10 toes are curled because they can be so much better!

Saying you are out of communication is STILL communication. So let’s write a great Out Of Office (OOO) together.

  1. Thank the reader for their mail. (I often say that this is our way of ‘elevating’ the message, and making it professional and polite. It’s our version of ‘U’, if you speak Dutch.)
  2. If you feel comfortable, say why you are out of the office.
  3. Say when you will return.
  4. Thank the reader for their patience. (This might seem exaggerated for many Dutch people, but we get that smile when we go the extra mile….and yes, I am SO American that way. But I get smiles every day!)
  5. Give an alternative if possible so that they can be helped if something is urgent.

Here is an example:

Thank you for your mail. Due to the holiday period, I will have no access to my mail until my return on September 1st. If your message requires immediate attention, please reach out to my colleague George van Mill via George@iamthesubstitute.com. He will be happy to help you in my absence. Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to responding upon my return.

Kind regards,
Susan Smith, Dog Whisperer

I hope this helps you say goodbye and stay classy! And I hope you have a relaxing holiday, if you have one!


PS: If you mail me, you’ll see mine.

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