Press release: Talk Nerdy To Me, Baby!

Buffi Duberman, the ‘English Coach to the Fresh and the Fabulous’, has done it again. With her new educational card game Talk Nerdy To Me, she turns your English lessons into a Rock and Roll party.


Coach for the Fresh and Fabulous

This native New Yorker single-handedly created her own English coaching industry over 18 years ago. She is known for developing her own teaching method – ‘Rock Your English!’ – now in its 10th print run, teaching 10,000 people English grammar at Lowlands Festival, self-publishing ‘100 Ways To Save Your Ass In English’, coaching and consulting for Idols, X Factor, The Talent Project, and The Voice in both the Netherlands and Belgium, and being the personal coach for celebrities and artists like Linda de Mol, Freek Vonk, Jandino, Racoon, BLØF, and top CEOs and politicians.


Fun + education = funducation!

What was next on her crazy bucket list? Well, it was time for her to develop a new educational game featuring her trademark rock and roll style and humor. Talk Nerdy To Me is the coolest way to work on learning and activating English grammar, expressions and descriptive language. With this method she adds a powerful dose of fun to English education, thus making it a true piece of Funducation.


Release the language nerd in you

Pick a card from one of the beautifully designed card decks, and see if you know the answer. Then activate it by checking the answer page and using the trigger questions!  The level is advanced beginner and up, and is perfect for self-study or playing in a group. When laughter and learning meet, the possibilities are endless. Buffi shows us once again how it’s done.  Embrace your inner nerd and Talk Nerdy To Me, baby!


Retail price 49.95E (VAT included)


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