Oh sweetie I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I’m totally digging that.

Why, you may ask?

Well darling I’ll tell you!
It’s nearly WEBSDAY! Yes! Websday. My favorite day of the week. In just 2 short days, I’ll be connecting with people all over the planet who have signed up for my master class on English Presentation skills! Find out the difference between a good presentation and a great one. Find out what you’re doing wrong. Find out how to make your audience beg for more. Here’s my short and sweet video for today, celebrating the 48-hour aspect of our countdown!


I had such an amazing time at the 3FM Awards. It’s one of my favorite nights of the year, as it’s one of the few times that most of my clientfriends are under one roof. Or dome, as the case may be. I loved hearing Jacqueline Govaert perform and remember when we first started together when she was a student at the Rockacademie 13 years ago. I rocked out with BLØF and Racoon and realized I’ve been working with them for 11 years. I had some really deep and meaningful talks with Douwe Bob and Torre and Giovanca and….I could go on for a while and mention lots of other artists and the afterparty and the joy I felt the entire evening (and into the next morning) but I think this picture pretty much sums it up. http://go.3fm.nl/3fm-awards/foto/72157643753387994#!photo=13766908065



I started working on the new Racoon album, which means that Bart and I sit for hours and hours and hours and weigh every single word. And sometimes kill some darlings. And sometimes make some new ones. And laugh. And cry (that’s usually me.). It’s an extremely intense and beautiful process and I’m honored to be able to tiptoe through the landscape of his soul. We’ve been doing this together for many years and many albums and every time I love it more.


I gave a workshop at Muzikantendag in Middelburg on Saturday. People had a lot of questions about lyrics, songwriting, pronunciation, and what was in my seaweed smoothie. (I actually poured some into an empty beer glass so that Guus could try it. And he liked it!) There’s another Muzikantendag on 3 May in Almere, if you’d like me to put you on my guest list, just let me know!


“Buffi, why is it wrong to say ‘a big investment’ in my business email?” – from I, during an in-company training.

Actually, it’s not wrong at all. It’s just not very interesting. The word ‘big’, just like the words ‘nice’ and ‘good’ are so overused in English that they have almost lost their impact. How about saying ‘a significant investment’ or ‘a major investment’ instead? A great way to increase your vocabulary is to check out www.thesaurus.com. It’s also a great app for your phone! Use it to add more color to your language! Hope that helps!

Hate to love you and leave you but I have a Webinar to prepare for!

Sending you a brand new pillow that takes you to a dreamland you’ve never seen before and you can stay there as long as you want and when you return there’s a tray of goodies, a newspaper, some awesome coffee/latte/tea/green juice/seaweed smoothie just waiting to be shared with someone you love….in my head.

Wit lof from buffi x