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Happy Monday, darling!

How are you? Um, hello? Are you awake on this lovely Monday? Please, please wake up. You remember what happened to your colleague when she fell asleep at work? Don’t go there. 


The countdown to Websday has started! On June 25th I’ll be doing a new webinar – this time on the difference between formal, semi-formal, and informal English. In many other languages there’s a formal and informal form (“U” and “je” in Dutch, for example). However, in English we only have “you”. So how do we express different degrees of formality to match the situation we’re in? We dress our language up or down with special verbs and vocabulary. I’ll explain it all with clear, helpful examples in the webinar! And you’ll get the recording afterwards so you can view it again!  I’m limiting it to 25 participants, so that you can all ask questions. Sign up here for the time that suits you best. See you on your screen soon.

Your wish is my command

I asked on social media if people had any specific wishes for my next video – I make them for you, after all! A few people said they wanted some tips for difficult words to pronounce in English. Here you go! Hope this helps you sail through some tricky words!

What’s up in Buffiland

I’ve been correcting exams and evaluating graduation portfolios (only a month to go! Yippee!), finalizing my webinar, working on the fabulous new Mister and Mississippi album, coaching English investment pitches for Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam, and getting my thoughts organized for a new idea I’ll be launching later this year. It’s something innovative and exciting and will make learning English even more fun! (More on that after the summer.) Oh, and making raw organic vegan carrot cake, spinach smoothies, and healthy stuff like that. Green= good!

Your questions – answered! 

This I’ve actually started doing every day on Social Media. I have a Quickie Quiz Question on Facebook and Twitter. Every morning at 10 I post a question (about grammar, vocabulary, rhyming, you name it) and the answer is posted 30 minutes later. People seem to really love having a little English check every day, where they have to think about the answer – so that’s what I’ll be doing for the next 393232 years because I like you so very, very much. (But not on weekends. A girl’s got to rest sometime!)

All good things must come to an end

Like football games (tapas, anyone?), and weekends (which I have on Wednesday morning from 9-11). Sending you a professional athlete, a bathtub, a bottle of champagne, and lots of time….in my head. You do the rest. Enjoy, and see you next week!

Wit lof from buffi x

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