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Hello precious gift of a person! How are you, sweetie? I hope this weekly love letter finds you well! Thank you once again for letting me slip into your mailbox today! I promise I won’t take up too much space…I do yoga, you know… just like my twin brother.

48 HOURS….not just a movie with Eddie Murphy in leather…

but the amount of time left until WEBSDAY! I’m so excited to help you sail through tricky situations in English. To help you gain more confidence so that you feel prepared to walk into negotiation sessions and ROCK them. To show you how to learn different ways to say the same thing so you stop sounding like a person with a limited vocabulary. If you don’t dress your language up or down according to the situation, you’re bound to make a bad impression when your language is not appropriate.

This Master Class will go step by step into the difference between formal, informal, and semi-formal language to show you what to use when writing and speaking in all types of situations. In Dutch, French, German, Spanish and many other languages it’s always clear if it’s a formal or informal situation, and you use the ‘you’ form that’s most appropriate. However, what do we do when we only have ‘you’ in English? We use different verbs and vocabulary and change the word order. Just a tip  – the placement of the word ‘please’ can make you or break you. Find out more in my Webinar! I also made you a little video! Tickets and more info here.

Saving Ass with one of my favorite bands

I am so proud to be the coach of Mister and Mississippi! I coached them on their first album and I’m thrilled to do the same on their long-awaited second album, which you will all hear later this year. Something about how their melodies and music are intertwined really gets to me – it’s pure magic. Samgar had a question for me that I thought a lot of you could benefit from, so we made you this little film. Hope you like it!

A lovely little link

Looking for a way to stay active in English on your own, every day? Are you by any chance off to America this summer or are interested in learning more (about) American English? This site is quite comprehensive, covering all the latest news and entertainment stories, which you can read, listen to, and then take a short quiz to see how much you learned. It’s also on different levels and covers a wide variety of topics. A great way to stay active in English when you’re on your own! Use it or lose it, my dear! Click here.

I hate this every time

Every time we say goodbye I cry a little. Good thing my mascara is waterproof! I have to dash because I have exams to correct (seriously, enough is enough!), auditions to evaluate (good luck, all!) and orange food to eat – Hup Holland Hup! Sending you a new job, as the official cheerleader….for…..yourself! Now go kiss yourself in the mirror. For real, this time! You ROCK!

See you next week!

Wit lof from buffi  x

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