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You gravel….stone….ROCK!!! 

Hello my dear and HAPPY MONDAY!! (Obviously I’m very caffeinated.) How’s your day going? Hope it’s full of lovely surprises! I’m so looking forward to lunch today, I’ve heard about this new kind of cherry and I can’t wait to try one!

We did it! 

Last week (on Websday of course) I launched my second Webinar on formal, semi-formal, and informal English. It was so great to connect with so many people from all over the place and answer their questions! Thank you for joining me on the next step in your English-learning adventure! I’ll be doing another one after the summer – keep you posted!

What’s up in Buffiland

I’ve been evaluating graduation portfolios (nearly done!), went to the One Direction concert TWICE (to drop off my daughter AND pick her up – OMG!!), training fabulous DJs for 3FM, had a great in-company training course for some awesome CEO’s in Amersfoort, worked on the new Lorrainville album, and chaired auditions at the Rockacademie for drums, armed with my weapons of mass obstruction ;).

You’re wearing what where?!

Just the other day I got an email from someone who asked ‘Wear can I buy your book?’ – I wanted to make a video about this mistake- ‘wear’ vs ‘where’, but then I realized that I already had! Here’s a flashback video, featuring my dad, who’s a pretty colorful guy. Hope this helps you out! (In any case, it’s fun to watch because he’s wearing a wig that Anneke van Giersbergen gave me.)

Idioms – not for idiots! 

Here’s a fun list of idioms in English – how many do you know? How many have you used today? This week? This month? Remember, it’s use it or lose it, people! Check it out and get active! Try to work 1 or 2 into your next English conversation!

All good things come to an end

Like soccer matches. And love bites. And bad, bad spelling (hopefully that will end one day, but for some reason I kind of doubt it). I’m off to twist untwisted minds, but until we meet again, I’m sending you a huge park filled with flowy, sun-dappled trees, your favorite band doing a solar-powered set, all your friends and family (the nice people in your family, not your nasty Uncle Jim), and a huge picnic blanket full of your favorite foods…and not an ant to be seen (except for Aunt Mary – she’s the bomb!)…in my head.

Thanks for reading, and see you next week!

Wit lof from buffi x

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