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J’espère que ce message vous trouve bien et heureux! Say what, mama?!? Oh, sweetie, that was a shoutout to all my French readers – happy Jour de Bastille! On this day in 1990 I was drinking wine with some very kind French people I had met on the street, who took my friend Daphne and I out for a night on the ville. I was still just a new college graduate on a short holiday in Europe at the time….if I knew then that I’d still be in Europe 24 years later…..well, that’s another histoire and I’ll save that for another newsletter!

What’s up in Buffiland

Today is the last day of exams for the academic year – what a great year it’s been! I see about 500 students a week at the 3 different colleges I teach at, and although I think I taught them a new trick or two, I really learned a lot from them. My students rock! Thank you all for such a wonderful year. I hope you practise English all summer long!

I’m leaving you. Sort of.  

This is the last newsletter for a few weeks. I’m taking a break and exploring Hungary, Austria and the Czech republic (where I used to live before I moved to the Netherlands…but that’s another story for another newsletter….) with my friends from Chicago and our kids. We chose to rent a house without WIFI which means I will really, really be away in many ways. And I’ll miss you! So here’s a few websites to keep you busy for the next few weeks:

10 helpful phrases to use on vacation
Vocabulary to activate while on holiday
English for travel
And, my favorite – how to swear in (nearly) any language

Sweet, lovely, super awesomely intelligent and kind you, I hope you have a lovely holiday this summer if you’re going away. If you’re staying at home – enjoy your staycation!

Sending you a light suitcase, a map (that you can understand) with a red arrow pointing directly to your favorite place, and every person you pass hitchhiking along the way is someone you love. And there’s plenty of room in your car….in my head!

Wit lof and see you on August 25th!
XXX buffi

PS: Miss you already, sweetie!

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