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It. Happened.

YOU! You made it happen. You and so many others have downloaded my free English Pronunciation Masterclass. We launched a week ago, and every day dozens more click, watch the video lesson, and learn my tips and tricks on how to improve their English right away! The reactions have been so fantastic (“I just realized I’ve been saying so many words wrong my whole life”)  – I’d like to thank each and every one of you for letting me onto your screens as some of you took me on the train with you, learned from me at your office, practised with me in Brazil and China, and even improved your English while cycling (stay safe!).

I created my Business English Communication Course because so many people feel unsure if their emails have the right tone. Don’t enjoy giving presentations. Feel insecure when it comes to having meetings in English. Avoid situations where English needs to be spoken at a high level. So many of you feel that your English is holding you back. I want to change that and show you what it feels like to feel GREAT about your English. To walk into a room and be filled with confidence, knowing your presentation will have an impact on your audience. Knowing that you can write emails with ease. Jump into an English conversation and spontaneously give your opinion with flair. I do this every week privately for CEOs and others, and I know what works. And I also know how to have fun learning!

Take a moment and see for yourself. My video lesson is free and you’ve got nothing to lose. It will help you with your telephone skills as you will be able to spell really fast. It will add to your confidence by showing you how to say words that everyone says wrong. You’ll tackle the trickiest sounds to make in English, which will encourage you to speak more often, and the customized worksheets will keep you active forevermore! If you haven’t seen my 17-minute Masterclass on English pronunciation, just click on “Free Masterclass”  on We will send you the private video link and the worksheets right away! Let me know how it goes!

“Hey, Buffi…when do I use ‘its’ and ‘it’s?’ I’m lost!” – from D, during a lesson.

Oh, Mr. D, I totally understand. It’s very confusing indeed! They sound exactly the same so when you speak you can never go wrong, but when you write, as always, the truth comes out. ‘It’s’ is short for ‘it is’ and it’s used (see what I did there?) anytime you would say ‘it is’. For example, “It’s raining now”, or “It’s time to bring your English teacher a gin and tonic.” (Totally hypothetical, of course!) “Its”, on the other hand, is used to show possession for something which is neither male nor female. For example, “The dog wagged its tail”, or “The shop opened its doors early to deal with the crowds gathering outside.”  I hope that helps you out!

Thank you, sweetie, for letting me slip into your inbox today! I really like being here and look forward to stopping by next week! Sending you the marvelous feeling of knowing that nothing is impossible. Nothing. Possibilities are everywhere. It’s not where you look….but how.

Wit lof from buffi x

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