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Hello, you gorgeous you! YOU ROCK! Thank you so much for letting me into your inbox today! I will leave it with some delicious recipes for getting your English back into gear!


I’ve had the honor and the joy to be working with Krystl on her new album! You will be blown away when you hear her new songs…and her fantastic pronunciation! We had a session recently that was so good, Bono decided to drop by and we took the picture you can see below.






I’ve also been brainstorming with the wonderful Anneke van Giersbergen about her upcoming album. You can see in the picture below how much we suffer together!


I was proud to once again open the academic year at the Rockacademie, Europe’s first pop music college with an internationally recognized bachelor’s degree program. I love working for established artists, but coaching new, developing talent is something I’m also very passionate about. Funny how the students keep getting younger every year! If you are interested in a Master Class or a Rock Your English! workshop for your school or classroom, or if you’d like more information about my new course, feel free to drop me a line at anytime!


‘Hey Buffi, can you tell me the difference between too and to? They sound the same but I always mix them up when I write.’

Of course I can! And I will! (Just because you can do something does not mean that you will. I can, for example, come to your house and do your laundry right now. This does not mean that I will be doing that anytime soon!)

Both ‘to’ and ‘too’ sound exactly the same. When you speak you can’t screw it up. However, the truth comes out when you write. ‘Too’ is used for comparison (Don’t buy that blue Lycra catsuit. It’s too expensive!’) or when you mean ‘also’ (‘OMG, I love gin too!’). We use ‘to’ to talk about a verb (‘to go, to know, to Rock Your English!’), to say where we’re going (‘I’m going to the store to buy the latest edition of Catsuit Fashion Weekly’) or for an object (Give it to me baby!).

I would love to spend some more time with you but Bono has just walked back in the room, demanding some urgent help with his lyrics. So, off I go!

Sending you an inflatable alligator in the middle of a sun-drenched pool, covered only by you and a cocktail with an umbrella in it….in my head,

With love, from your pal/chum/buddy/coach/never future enemy,


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