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As you know, I work a lot with artists and students on their pronunciation. There’s a very big difference between, for example, ‘I love you very much’ and ‘I love you fairy much’. The difference between the F and the V sound lies in the vibration of your lower lip. To feel the difference, put your finger on your lower lip. You should feel a slight vibration on your lower lip when you say these words: very, vast, and van. When you say the F sound, there’s no vibration on your lower lip. Try these words: fairy, fast,  and fan. Now try them together and see what happens- very/fairy, vast/fast, and van/fan. Can you hear and feel a difference? Hope so! Oh, and watch out for those fairies.. click!


Speaking of pronunciation, if you want to see what I will look like in 20 years, click here.


‘Hey Buffi, what’s the difference between ‘compliment’ and ‘complement’?

Thanks for asking! If you compliment someone, or give him or her a compliment, you’re saying something nice about them. Like this. If you complement something, that means you raise it to perfection or make it better.. click!

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