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Well, happy high noon to you, you lovely you! I really, really need to tell you how much you ROCK today. I’m sure so many people have already told you that today, but still, if you don’t mind hearing it again…YOU ROCK! Thank you for letting me fold upreally, really small and slide into your inbox every week and joining me on this Rock & Roll English Adventure!


I had a fun Rock Your English! workshop at Muzikantendag in Sittard. I love Limburg, even though they made me try to learn dialect live on camera! A participant in my workshop asked me which is better – British English or American? The answer is neither – both are excellent, but do make sure that if you have British pronunciation, that you also have British spelling in your written work. One example – British English – colour, honour, labour…American English – color, honor, labor. For more info, click here.


It’s really important that you keep your English fresh and fabulous all the time by activating it. How? There’s lots of ways, but here’s a quick tip that will brighten your day, every day. Sign up for the ‘new word of the day’ via – make sure you write it down and try to think of a word/phrase that means the opposite, and write a sentence of your own using this new word. It takes about 3 minutes a day, but it’s a great way to increase your vocabulary and make me love you even more!


‘Hey Buffi. Love your hair, but can you tell me the difference between WHO’S and WHOSE? I mix them up all the time!’ via Twitter

Thanks, tweetheart! Happy to help! who’s is short for ‘who is’. You can say ‘Who’s rocking their English today? YOU ARE!’ Or ‘Who’s taking me out to dinner later?’ It’s used with a verb. Whose means belonging to or associated with a person. ‘Whose jacket is this? I’m stealing it because it’s hot pink polyester fake fur and I’ve always wanted one!’ Or ‘Whose pet poodle did I take home after that party? Oops!’ For more information, click here.


I’d like to end this with a lovely film of one of my heroes, George Carlin, speaking about English expressions. Sadly he is no longer alive, but his hysterical views remain. Grab a cup of coffee/green juice/decaf soy latte, and sit for 6 and a half minutes and ENJOY! Click here.

Please feel free to ask me anything via Twitter or Facebook.

Once again, thank you for inspiring me to make a fun and funky newsletter every week!

Sending you a Jacuzzi full of melted chocolate and raspberries…and a straw…in my head,

x buffi

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