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Well, just look at you, you gorgeous creature you. Staring at this screen, no matter how big (a zillion inch flat screen) or small (teeny tiny brilliant phone), you look FABULOUS, Anouk! Did you do something different with your hair? I thought so – it looks so different from last week! (Oh, and by the way, YOU ROCK! I am so ashamed that it took me this long to tell you that! Forgive moi.


Well, lots!
Last weekend I coached the hungry heroes from the TV show The Voice Of Vlaanderen. I love working with emerging talent! I adore Belgium and listening to Flemish – it sounds like melted Dutch. And don’t even get me started on their chocolate.

I was up all night thinking of my 5 Desert Island Discs for Het Parool. Here’s the final list. All of these songs represent huge chapters of my life and all of them, to me, celebrate the power of the human spirit.

I coached some amazing artists – Mr and Mississippi (see pic) – and Steye – blown away by their sound and their commitment to well-crafted lyrics. Check them both out here and here.


I made a 3 minute (and 6 second) film about how to tackle one of the most difficult sounds we have in English – the TH sound. After watching, you’ll realize how easy it is to make. So get out your tongue and get rolling! Click here!

Did you enjoy this and want more of me? I am hosting an event together with The American Book Center, Friday November 9th. The event is called “50 Shades Of Great English” and in 50 minutes I will give you 50 tips to make your English sexier. Of course you can get down and dirty with me afterwards ;). You can reserve here.


Did you know that your VOLKSKRANT coupon code for my Complete Course is still valid? In case you’ve forgotten… Check it out here!

Well, folks, that’s all!

For now…for now…

Sending you all a minivan full of your favorite people, with the best music in the world playing on the radio, and David Beckham feeding you grapes in the back seat….in my head,

Wit lof from Buffi

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