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You, you delicious, delectable, divine you, I cannot tell you how lovely you look in that shirt today. I mean really. It brings out your eyes so beautifully. And I’m really glad you didn’t end up buying that other shirt you thought was nice…


I twisted untwisted minds in Enschede. I did a Rock Your English! workshop day at the Pop Academy of Enschede. We worked on vocabulary building, lyrical analysis, and raising the bar on pronunciation and songwriting. I also gave students individual feedback on their lyrics. We suffered, as you can see below.


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‘Hey Miss B, why is it ON Monday night but AT night?’ – via my email (

Well, darling, I didn’t make up the rules, the Grammar Fairies did that, but I can tell you this. If the day of the week comes first, then it’s always ON, no matter what comes next (ON Monday morning, afternoon, evening and night). If there’s no specific day of the week, then it’s IN the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, but AT night. Isn’t English fun and easy that way?


I have decided to open up my personal FB page and move the Rock Your English! party there to spread the Buffilove and the Tips Du Jour even more…take a second and click here to be my Facebook Friend For Life and Way, Way, Beyond.


You know when you’re looking for the word for that…um…thing? That thingamajig? That…you know…thingie? Well, my darlings, I have found a great website that is a visual dictionary online. Now you can see pictures of everything from sewing machine parts to the muscles of a guy with really awesome hair. Check it out!

Sending you a rainbow full of high-heeled boots, all of them size 40, and hoping that you’re a size 38….in my head,

Wit lof from buffi x

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