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Dahlink! How is your Monday going so far? I hope your day is going better than his

If you haven’t fallen off a table yet today, this means that YOU ROCK! (Even if you have fallen off a table, I’m sure you looked great doing it, so YOU ROCK anyway.)


There are moments where I try to sit back and observe the rollercoaster-filled hurricane known as My Life and realize just how very lucky I am. I get to work with amazing students, established artists, and write love letters to awesome people like you every single week. Today I want to celebrate my students at the Rockacademie who laugh at my lame jokes every Monday morning and always make my week start out right! I adore you all. Now you shouldn’t be reading this because YOU ARE IN MY LESSON ON MONDAY AT 12! Put down your phone!

I started working with the gorgeously talented Sharon Doorson. It should be illegal for someone to be that talented and beautiful and kind. What a lady, I’m such a happy coach! We’re going to make magic together.


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Do you want to stand there with your mouth full of teeth in English? 😉 I don’t think so! Let me help you in a fun and fabulous way! In my Winter Session workshop we will activate your English and make it sparkle. You’ll understand the grammar better, your pronunciation will be polished and your vocabulary will make people around you want to give you a spontaneous foot massage.

If you know an artist or songwriter who would like coaching but can’t afford a private session, or a business person who needs help in making their English more professional, tell them to join us for an unforgettable morning in Amsterdam! Bring a friend and have lunch in the city when we’re done! Can’t wait to see you there! Click here for more info


“Hey, Buffster, when do you say have been working and have worked? I mix them up all the time!” – L, from Le Twitteur.

Thanks, Lovely L! I understand the confusion – they are both used for a situation that is still going on, but they take different approaches. “I have worked” would be used for something like “I have worked really hard today” because today is not finished. However, if you want to focus on something that is still going on right now and started in the past, then you could say “I have been working on a new project – it’s really interesting!” Another way you can see the difference is this – “I am a writer. I have written 4 books so far. I have been writing a new book on the history of Korean dance tracks. I hope I will finish it soon!” Hope that helps!


Check out this crazy sign!

Sending you all a dozen roses made of chocolate and Quality Time with the cheerleader of your choice, in my head,

Wit lof from Buffi x

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