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You rock!

Hello, lovely Anouk. You look so gorgeous today. You are SO rocking that look! That shirt you are wearing really compliments your beautiful eyes. To be honest, Anouk, since we’re so close, I feel I can tell you honestly that it’s much better than the shirt you had on yesterday. I mean, really. What were you thinking?

What’s up in Buffiland?

I don’t know where to start! I have had the joy of coaching the Handsome Poets, Sharon Doorson, and Tim Knol, and am constantly blown away by their desire to learn more and get better every single session. I also did fun(ky) Rock Your English! workshops in Middelburg and the Vocalized Studio in de Mortel. I was also on the radio talking about (what else?) English. Click here to hear!

And remember last week when I celebrated my awesome students? Well, I spent hours upon hours correcting 120 of their awesome tests. This is the only thing I don’t love about teaching. Correcting tests is not my idea of awesome. And it’s my own fault because my tests are 5 pages long!

I love you. And your hot friend…

So much that I want to give you BOTH a discount on my new Winter Workshop. We’re going to rock your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and have so much fun doing it we might get arrested. Now you can get 2 tickets for less than 50 euros! Click here and use the discount code BRINGAFRIEND – can’t wait to see you there! Don’t wait too long, because space is limited.


Darling Anouk, look down. Are you wearing blue tights? Is there a rubber mask covering your face? I don’t think so. This means you are NOT Spiderman. And this means you will probably never be ON school. You’re AT school. AT your office. AT home. You’re reading this love letter AT the moment. Sigh. I’m so glad we cleared that up.  (And hey, if you ARE Spiderman, call me. I have a job for you.)


If you have any questions that don’t fit into a tweet, feel free to ask me on Facebook! I’m creating a learning community online –  do join us!

Sending you a huge mug of mulled wine/hot chocolate (with Frangelico)/brown beer in front of an enormous fire, while your hair is being brushed and braided by the studmuffin of your choice.

Thanks for letting me slip into your inbox today!

Wit lof from buffi x

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