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Hello, darling! Can you believe 2012 is nearly over? I can’t! Life is so beautifully busy these days, just typing the date 10 December made me realize we’re nearly at 2013! Oh, and sweet you, has anyone told you today that YOU ROCK? Because you do. You’re very good at your job, unlike some people, and I think you really enjoy what you’re doing, don’t you?

Well, I love what I do, and I do what I love, with love, for people I love. God I sound like a hippie. Someone grab me a rainbow-colored unicorn to hug, fast!


My top 7 tips on how to improve your English, featured in Sprout Magazine (although it’s spelled ‘thesaurus’ in real life) – click here

I did a workshop for the Fontys Academy for the Creative Industries and it was a blast!

I made a new video – “My name is Buffi and This Is What I Believe”

I had a wonderful session with Krystl and her new album gave me an eargasm. Just be patient, you can all enjoy it early next year!

I had a fantastic session with Tim Knol and we totally got our gangsta on.


Click here!

Please, darling, don’t just stand there with a mouth full of teeth. Come to my Winter Workshop and get the most out of your English! Make your vocabulary vivacious, your grammar glamorous, and your pronunciation perfect. Bring a friend, type in BRINGAFRIEND and get 10 euros off 2 tickets! Details here


“Hey, Queen B, when do you use ‘since’ and ‘for’ – I get them mixed up all the time!” – from R, via le Twitteur.

Thanks, R – that must stand for Rock! I understand the confusion. Here’s the deal. ‘For’ is usually followed by a number. For example, ‘I have lived there for 10 days/for 10 weeks/for 10 years, etc.’ It focuses on the PERIOD of time. Since, however, highlights the day, date, or time the action STARTED. For example, ‘I have lived there since Monday, since 1998, since April 4th, etc.’ In both situations, when you say ‘I have lived’, it means that you still live there. If you have moved away, then say ‘I lived’. Ok? Thank you for asking! Now this Queen B is off to get one of her servants to bring her some gin.

Ok my sweet, sweet darling, I hate to love you and leave you, but I cannot keep that unicorn waiting for much longer. You don’t want to see a unicorn when it’s pissed off. Believe me. Not a pretty sight.

Sending you a cruise ship full of your favorite people, all of them standing in line to feed you chocolate-covered strawberries and gallons of Prosecco, while fighting over who can give you a foot rub first, in my head,

Wit lof from buffi x

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