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OMG. I mean, O.M.G. And I don’t mean Order Me Gin when I say that. (Hold that thought, though – because that might be much appreciated later…;)) OMG you look SO fabulous today! That shirt you’re wearing really brings out the color in your eyes.


Sigh. How much time do you have?

Well, I’ll just keep it short and just tell you about the really juicy sexy fun stuff.

My NEW WORKSHOP is coming up on March 2! We’re going to work on pimping up your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Here’s a 2 minute video telling you what it’s about.
Here’s how you can order your tickets.


Here’s a 3 minute lesson on how to use them. Feel free to spread the buffilove and send it to all your friends! And say hi to them for me!


I was at the famous Eurosonic Noorderslag conference and festival in Groningen. I saw amazing bands and was full of pride to see my clients doing what they do best!  Handsome Poets rocking the stage, Racoon wining the Pop Prize, Janne Schra who had a never-ending line just to get closer to the never-ending line to see her amazing show, Kyteman making magic in the freezing cold, my date Bas Kennis winning the Interactive Award for the fab BLØF app, some of my students networking for the first (but not last!) time, some of my other students doing amazing showcases, our graduates Sunday Sun making everyone stop and listen, Mister and Mississippi mesmerizing the crowd….I could go on forever!

I also was Ray Cokes’ bartender when he asked for a volunteer to run the bar and make sure all the artists had a drink in their hand at all time. It was fun to do, although I am the crappiest bartender ever.

THE SILENT B (which is obviously not me)

Watch your pronunciation! Debt is pronounced ‘det’, and doubt ‘dout’ and thumb ‘thum’ and numb ‘num’ and subtle ‘su-til’. Those silent Bs are everywhere! Like little ninjas waiting to sneak up on you when you don’t expect it…

All good things must come to an end, including this newsletter, my darling. I promise I will come back next week and leave a little slice of buffilove in your mailbox if you let me. And no one has unsubscribed yet, so hey – see you zoen!

From buffi wit lof x

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