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OMG sweet, sweet you, you ROCK!

I am so thrilled you were kind enough to let me slip back into your mailbox this morning. Not only are you so damn attractive, you have a heart of gold. I love you so much I baked you a fabulous cake, but….


On March 2 we had my first solo event of the year – Rock Your English! Spring Is In The Air Sessions It was a wonderful day full of laughter and learning. We made a short film about it – check it here!

Daphne, one of the participants, wrote about it on her blog. Thank you Daphne! You can read it here

Festival season has arrived, and I’ve been helping some lovely DJ’s from 3fm with their interviewing skills in English. Last week was Barend and Wijnand, and this week I started a new course with Paul Rabbering. I love working with people who love working hard – and he sure is! What a zoethart.

I also had a photo shoot for something I will share with you when it’s published…..

And Saturday night was the premiere of something I’ve been working on for a long time, the Golden Oldies Show on BNN! These amazing people have inspired me to no end. I am so in love with them and learn much more than I could ever teach.

And of course, I worked with my young hungry heroes from the Rockacademie, the Design Academy, and Albeda College. I see hundreds of students a week and am so inspired by their talent and dedication…even when they sit in the sun while I correct their exams all day 😉 .


As you know, I will stop at nothing to find new and fun ways to get you to activate your English (even if this means me dancing in a bra and gold harem pants, but that’s another story…). In my quest to Rock Your English, I stumbled across a great learning tool that connects you via video to other people who want to practise and learn other languages. Check it out here


“Yo, Ms. B, how can I increase my vocabulary?” – From S, a student.

Well, darling S, first of all TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. 😉 There are some great ways to increase your vocabulary. Use to find out what the word means and click on the audio fragment to hear it (neutral American pronunciation). Then go to  to find out other words that mean the same. Try to remember a triangle – for every new word you learn, try to remember a ‘partner’ for it – a word that means the same (also known as a ‘synonym’). Then try to remember a word that means the opposite (also known as an ‘antonym’). This way you learn 3 words for the same effort of learning one! And did you know that has an amazing free app you can use offline – to make your own personal dictionary and learn new words every day? Try it, you can thank me later! (And thank you to my delicious client Freek Vonk who downloaded this app for me!)


Because all good things must come to an end. Like a brownie. Like an excellent gin and tonic (with a slice of lemon and 3 ice cubes). Like shoe sales. Sigh. And this newsletter. Thank you once again for all your comments, questions and reactions via Twitter and Facebook.

Sending you a hot air balloon full of amazing people who wrote a song just for you and play it for you as you watch the sun set at 2,000 feet. While riding a unicorn. Of course.

wit lof from buffi x

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