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‘Happy not Western?’

Doesn’t that sound strange? Well, I can’t tell you how often I read that during the Easter holidays. Actually, people wrote ‘Happy Eastern!’ instead.  The holiday is called E-a-s-t-e-r and the direction is E-a-s-t-e-r-n. Maybe all those people actually wanted me to Go West instead?? Actually, I’d love to (putting on platform boots and stretching…)!


With my Golden Oldies – a project I’ve been involved in since November last year. When I was asked to coach the oldest, sassiest choir in the Netherlands, I had no idea what to expect. We’ve been preparing for the big show in Carre’ all week (more in next week’s newsletter). I am proud to say that it’s the most beautiful challenge I’ve ever had as a coach, and one that I will cherish forever. You can check out my first lesson with them here – I’m on at 25.55.

I’ve also been coaching some fabulous people like Sharon Doorson, Michiel Muller, and Paul Rabbering, which leads me to the next item…

“How Not To Talk About Diseases With Buffi” – a short film. Very short.

Something came up in my coaching session with Paul Rabbering (DJ, 3FM) and of course, darling, you KNOW that you are on my mind all the time, and when something happens in a private session I think  – wait! You would LOVE to know about this! It will help you so much!! So we made this little film for you – hope you like it – you never know when you’ll need to know something like this.

Click here to check it out!


“Yo, Buffi, thanks for your tips, but what’s the difference between “affect” and “effect”? I can’t hear a difference when I speak…” – via the Book Of Face.

Thanks for asking! There’s not a huge difference when you speak, but there is when you write. ‘Effect’ is a noun (so don’t forget to use ‘an’ before it!) and it means ‘the result’ of something. ‘Affect’ is a verb (past tense- ‘affected’) and it means ‘to influence’ someone or something. Can you use both in a sentence? Let’s try- ‘The effect of eating rotten snails did not affect him, fortunately.’ How’s that? If you’d like some more practice, try this handy worksheet!


Like this newsletter. And glasses of gin and tonic. And chocolate bars. Thanks so much for letting me grace your inbox today – looking forward to seeing you again next week! Until then, try to find a date for this lonely cactus. Thank you.

wit lof from buffi.

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