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Hello, sweet you! May I just say you look so lovely today? You ROCK! Have you been working out lately? I heard you have a new treadmill at home…

Oh my darling, so much has been happening lately! Let me fill you in:


I had a great workshop day at the lovely Ulenhof College in Doetinchem. We worked hard on expanding vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Thanks for asking me, Hendrika!

How To Make Me Cry, part 23409823: I got a lovely thank you note from Sanneke, from the Golden Oldies. She wrote it in her best English and I’m so proud of her! You can see the final episode of Golden Oldies (where they rocked Carré) on Saturday night at 9.45. There’s a good chance you will catch a glimpse of me crying. Or drinking whisky backstage. Or both.

I was so proud of my clients (and dear friends) at the 3fm awards!  Racoon, Mister and Mississippi, Handsome Poets, Caro Emerald, Kyteman, and BLØF were all there and from what I can remember, I danced with most of them….it was a fantastic night and of course to me, they are all winners!


Sweet, do you sometimes feel that your English is holding you back? Would you like to have more professional English? Curious about the biggest English mistakes people make? Well, my new workshop is just the answer! On Saturday, June 15, we will be pimping your presentation, negotiation, and meeting skills at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam! Join us, and bring your colleagues! It’s not too late to get 25E off the full day with the EARLYBIRD discount coupon. For more info, click here. Can’t wait to work with you!


“What’s the difference between ‘until’ and ‘till’?” – via Facebook.

Thanks for asking! They mean the same thing, basically. The only difference is in style. ‘Until’ sounds a bit more formal, and ‘till’ is less formal. And watch the spelling! ‘Until’ ends with 1 l, and ‘till’ ends with 2…which leads me to another mistake I see so often- words like ‘beautiful’, ‘wonderful’, and ‘awful’ all end with 1 l, but ‘full’ ends with 2. When you speak of course you can’t make a mistake but be careful when you write! It’s a jungle out there, Anouk.


All good things must come to an end. Like rainbows (but there’s a pot of gold waiting for you, so that’s not too bad, really). And backstage award parties. But don’t you worry, my sweet, I am learning a new dish with Francis, so I can make you a very special lunch!

Sending you 6,281 balloons all filled with a magic potion that make all your wishes come true when you pop them, carried in (actually in the air) by your favorite One Direction member, who has your name tattooed on his left foot and shows you this with pride.

See you next week!
Wit lof from buffi  x

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