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Hi there! Thank you so much for signing up for my newsletter! I’m amazed at the great response we’ve been getting to the newsletter and my Rock Your English! @ Home course – check it out here!

And I’ve tried to respond to everyone who has personally contacted me – thank you all for doing so, and I try my best to get back to everyone within 24 hours. Your patience is greatly appreciated!


I was honored to be profiled in het Parool – now I can say I’m officially a centerfold 😉 – check it here (in Dutch)

NL Tracks made a short film about our infamous (Do you know what that means? If not, look it up on!) ‘In Bed With Buffi’ coaching session at the fabulous Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. Check it here

I had a great talk with Yes-R about his future plans for Rocking his English – watch this space – exciting things are coming!

I also chaired auditions at the Rockacademie, and did a Master Class day at the Academie voor Popcultuur in Leeuwarden and had my last lesson of the year at Design Academy Eindhoven. Busy week, but hey, aren’t they all? If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life! 🙂

Bad Grammar Can Kill!

There’s a big difference between the Present Perfect (I have gone, for example) and the Past Simple (I went).  If you say ‘I’ve never met my uncle’, then maybe he lives far away, but you can still meet him. If you say ‘I never met my uncle’, chances are he’s dead and you won’t ever meet him again! Watch your grammar!

Your questions

‘Hey, Buffi, what’s the difference between ‘looking forward to’ and ‘look forward to’? – a kind follower on Twitter.

Actually, they both mean the same thing, but there is a slight difference in the tone. ‘looking forward’ sounds slightly more informal and friendly, whereas ‘look forward’ (normally used as ‘I look forward to…’) sounds slightly more formal. However (STOP! GRAMMAR TIME!), you have to use a verb + ing AFTER the ‘to’, every time! This is because it’s a prepositional object. The reason is not so important, what is important is that you do NOT say ‘I am looking forward to meet you’ because then the Grammar Police will come and get you! Please say ‘I am looking forward to meeting you’ and the Grammar Police will leave you alone.

My Blog

Did you know that I blog about music and lyrics and lots of other fun things? One of my blogs is the most popular blog of 2012 (so far…). It’s about why I think the lyrics of Ed Sheeran are brilliant. Check it here

Giggle Time!

On Tuesday night July 3, I’m on KX radio from 9-11 pm talking about lyrics and music with DJ Ratz – tune in! Until then, this amazing video should put a smile on your gorgeous face.

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Sending you all a huge hug and an enormous glass of sun-kissed Prosecco, poolside…in my mind!

x buffi

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